Telluride Theatre

Telluride Theatre Presents:
The Bóogravîan Opera Naçionale is Presenting to All Peoples Very Nice Spectacle: WAKE UP!

Date: August 21st through 24th
Venue: Big white tent at the east end of Telluride, next to the post office
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Cost: Free, donations welcome!

The Bóogravîan Opera Nacionale comes to Telluride to present their most famous and glorious epic, Wake Up! Unfortunately, this troupe of “actors” is sub par at best. Not only have they never performed this play before, but it’s likely they’ve never even SEEN a play before. Bóogravîa is a sad little country, wedged just between Bumblefuggria and East Jesustan. Their national sport is Donkey Ball, and their traditional delicacy is cat meat. No one’s English is very good, but that’s no surprise considering they learned it from watching a certain 90’s horror flick. So come on down to the big white tent at the end of town and see some hilariously bad acting, some atrocious singing, some very inept dancing, and definitely lots of tears.

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